Sunday, November 2, 2008

our bundle of joy!!!!

Here she is!!!!!!! Little Miss Olivia Grace Burnett!!!  She was born on Tuesday October 28Th she is doing well she lost to much weight in the hospital so she weighed in at 6lbs and 13 oz at birth and when we left the hospital she only weighed 6lbs and 2 oz so we are working on getting her weight up. Our first to nights have been ROUGH!!!! we are praying for better nights to come. My mom and Nana will be her Tuesday November 4Th we can't WAIT!!!!!! well i will keep you all updated!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oktoberfest 2008

This is the Lowenbrau beer house. This is were we went.
This is the Paulaner beer house were Scott had his last beer and we ate dinner. I had sauerkraut and bratwursts and Scott had currywurst.
This is the outside portion of the lowenbrau house were we spent the majority of our time because it was less crowded and we weren't enclosed with cigarette smoke. This is a group of Spaniards posing for me.
This is some girls from Austria that we sat with. They were taunting the Italian guys that were going nuts over them. They loved the girl with the braids boobs!!! haha
This is the Itailan guy getting excited for the he really striped down!!! (he also was a little toasty)!!! haha
This was another haunted ride.
This is a roller coaster shaped like the olympic rings.
These are the traditional Oktoberfest suits that the men wear but I also saw women wearing them, like you see in this picture.
These are the dresses that the women wear as a tradition.
LOL!!!! This is Scott's funny Oktoberfest hat..hahaha!!!
This is the opening day Parade for Oktoberfest 2008.
This is a Haunted house ride they had set up. The rides were so cool looking of course I could not ride because of Olivia and Scott could not ride because he can't handle the motion. So we just watched.
Some more rides and people
Me and Scott in our traditional Oktoberfest hats..Do we look German??? LOL!!

entering Oktoberfest
in Munich,Germany.

This is a popular festival food especially at Oktoberfest, its fish on a stick. This is it cooking.
The beer swallowed Scott!!!! LOL!! This is Scott enjoying the tradition of Oktoberfest!
Well I couldn't take part of the tradition so I pretended!! haha!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

fatty and rock in the park

Hello everyone!! I know Amy is getting ready to fall in the floor because this is two days in a row I have love you Amy!!! Well what you see here is our little boy Fatty getting his pill with cheese at night...he goes nutts untill I give it to him and he knows that he gets it after he goes potty at night and right before bed...So he will drive me crazy till he gets it..I made the mistake of getting my mom's dogs in this routine also while I was staying with her. She tells me Isabelle drives her crazy wanting her pill and cheese too.. OK on to the good stuff the other pictures you see is mine and Scott's first cultural experience with the Germans... So Saturday night on our way home from bowling we saw and heard live music,( FYI the Germans love American music that is mostly all they listen to they especially love music that we would say is terrible and they love the 80's hair bands) so we parked the car and walked up to the park we then saw this wanna be 80's hairband cover band come out on stage...Of course Scott and I start laughing..they were pretty entertaining..they had a lot of beer (its Germany what do you expect) another unusual thing to me was I saw like teenagers that looked like they were no more than 15 years old walking around drinking beer...All the Germans just drink their beer and have a good time no one was getting hostile or wanting to fight unlike us Americans we get drunk and wanna fight any and all of us of course. well I included pictures of the band from Rock in the Park an some shots of the Germans...I miss everybody..